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Thank you for your post and sharing about your journey. A lot is happening in your life. Glad you feel a little better.All Benzo medications helped many people.
I hate what is happening now with this crazy approach to take everybody off Benzos. I tried few antidepressants and had horrible reactions to it.
Klonopin was very helpful.
When we read information about antidepressants - they also have many side effects and some are dangerous.
I truly feel all Benzo should be available for some people who like you and me don’t tolerate antidepressants.
I am 67 yrs old,I never abused Klonopin, I was on very low dose of prescription Medication.
Suddenly young PA during my first visit with her tries to help me by changing my Klonopin to Wellbutrin which is not good match. Not to mention she asked me to taper off Klonopin for only 2 weeks,I added 2 extra weeks and learned later this was totally wrong. Not enough time. Still after two weeks going through hell

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I would switch to a different doctor. But in todays day, the good old docs are leaving the field, so we have the young, think they are educated, who wish to make a mark for themselves instead of doing what is good for the patient. What happened to “do no harm?” Part of their oath. My physician is 65, not going anywhere since he has 2 daughters to put through college. But without him, who knows. Never abused, scripts are picked up late too. Look at pain meds. If not abusing and in pain, Tylenol? 8-10 a day? Liver damage. So, some seek street meds and die. The physicians who pull their scripts from those in pain, should be held responsible!
It’s our typical mindset of who we have in our states office. Bottom line!