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Meningioma - I'm scared to watch and wait

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I was diagnosed almost 2 years ago,,I was having some problems with dizziness and nausea for over a year,,knew there was a cyst on my brain from a previous full body scan so after so many tests my new doctor decided to have me get an MRI w contrast to recheck the cyst ,,that’s when they found the meningioma ,,the neurosurgeon I was sent to said I can’t have surgery because of the location,,,I’m feeling extremely frustrated because I have lost a lot of my sense of smell, hearing loss, my left hand is weak and constant tingling in my fingers,,foggy head,,memory not so good,,,am I going crazy or are these symptoms of the tumor?

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Welcome to Connect Debbie,
I’m so glad that you found this discussion with @eleanor1931seminara1931 @lindajean @55soon @rareeby and @cynaburst who can relate to your experience.
I suspect you are not going crazy. Have you talked to the neurosurgeon about these symptoms and their relationship to the tumor?

Hi Colleen,,thanks for responding,,when I mention any symptoms to my neurosurgeon and neurologist they pretty much just ignore me,,,I will be going in for another MRI with contrast in the next few months so will be interesting to see if there has been any change,,,

See reply from fiddle mama. I was also told that surgery was not an option. Proton Beam was a miracle answer for me.

Debb hope you do not mind me asking but have you had any other non related issues like say infertility, ovarian cysts, fibroids, or breast tumors?

I am concerned that the doctors are ignoring your symptoms. I am loosing vision in my left eye too. Having horrible migraines and this just started recently, but just like you my doctors do not seem concerned. Or maybe they just know the risk might out weigh the reward

Lady cat you are not crazy.