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Going to research your attachment! 35 Years of Xanax. I had PAC and PVC and University of Chicago tried 3 heart meds. Noting worked, side effects back then were awful. Now, after laparoscopic surgery I developed tachycardia, 200 bpm 23 times, lasting 2-3, minutes in 10 days. So… one cardio put me on metropol, awful, then Dilitizem 30mg twice a day, zapped energy out of me. No new meds out there! Tried flecenide. Black box warning, raised Bp. Then Zoloft!!! Was on it a week. Went cold Turkey!!!! Pcp had to go to CVS on a Sunday to ok a script for Xanax! Back to being human. Now on Dilitizem but 30 mg ER. One a day. Yesterday was stressful day, stomach was shaking in my upper gut. Had knee replacement 2.5?years ago. Wrong size, swollen, weather bothers it so still on about 7 mg a day total of Percocet. I cut it. Back on the Xanax still. But now internal tremors and low cortisol. 2,endo’s, 3 Nuero’s all think its POTS. I can feel the PAC and PVC!!!! The tachycardia is sort of under control. Another heart monitor in 2 weeks. This is my 6 th cardio!!! HE and HIS PA stated:,how stupid of physicians to think you can’t be in pain and have issues with your heart and not take both meds. I thought I died and went to Heaven. My pain Mgt doc stated not taking enough paid meds, had shots, burns, epidurals and RFA. Mind you, Xanax… for the first 14?years on it I was Vice President of Pepsi in the Chicago area. Never high! Had a DNA test, SSRI are not good for my body. Depressing. Scared to take more pain meds, scared to take the Xanax during the day. But at night, take them both, FEEL HUMAN! I have done things I can’t during the day, like walk, shop, clean, workout. So it’s my fault. Still have the Xanax. Pcp learned and saw. This pushing meds, they are correct. Neighbor on Zoloft for 4 years, a mess. Gained 100 lbs, out of breath, not herself. She is a Physical Therapist, works 3 days a week. Told her get off the Zoloft! Try the zanax it was like I was telling her take heroin. Yesterday she came to me, crying. Sometimes the old meds work better. We all are not wired the same! The possible kickbacks, if that is discussed in the link, I believe it!!!!

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Thank you for your post and sharing about your journey. A lot is happening in your life. Glad you feel a little better.All Benzo medications helped many people.
I hate what is happening now with this crazy approach to take everybody off Benzos. I tried few antidepressants and had horrible reactions to it.
Klonopin was very helpful.
When we read information about antidepressants - they also have many side effects and some are dangerous.
I truly feel all Benzo should be available for some people who like you and me don’t tolerate antidepressants.
I am 67 yrs old,I never abused Klonopin, I was on very low dose of prescription Medication.
Suddenly young PA during my first visit with her tries to help me by changing my Klonopin to Wellbutrin which is not good match. Not to mention she asked me to taper off Klonopin for only 2 weeks,I added 2 extra weeks and learned later this was totally wrong. Not enough time. Still after two weeks going through hell