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Good compression sports bra suggestion

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I bought a couple from Target and Walmart. Zip ups. I also went on Amazon and bought a white compression bra. BRABIC ZIP Front Closure- #28.00
You must get ones that fit. I went easy with a couple at first and it gave my new fake boobs space to retain fluid. I had gone if for a follow-up and they got me an ultrasound. I was finally told I may have to get the drains reinserted. YIKEs!!!! Fluid was there. Oh yes, I forgot to say i had 2 have 2 aspirations to remove the fluid. It says in my record i refused the drain and would compress. Compression keeps it all nice and tight! Once I got the bras I ended up having to stuff them inside for tighter compression around the sides. I do not recall anyone telling me that without the compression bra, I could have fluid sneak in. Well, my stuffing worked in those bras. You do not want to spend a fortune, you will not wear them long, if you have good follow-ups with the DR. after a number of weeks. I had one expander on one side, and all this was not required. Not until I got the surgeries 10 months later.
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Thanks for the details. I also got Brabic from Amazon but with hooks, will look for zip one too. I ordered one with zip but it felt that its difficult to put on (specially after surgery) .

I had my surgical bra on when I woke up from surgery. Wore it for a few weeks because it had the wholes and was able to hook my drains to it for the shower.