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I appreciate this information because I am basically doing the same thing, tracking all of my weight gains and losses and BP measurements to show the Dr. my BP's overtime. I am also showing the average between my BP in the morning and at night after daily activity. I am still falling in the low BP range. I also just discovered the breathing technique that I will be testing this weekend. The test that I saw on the internet by a Dr. was DRAMATIC and convinced me to try it. I am 75 and my goal is to reach my target weight of whatever the medical community determines that to be. I will submit that to the community later. Thank you so much for verifying what I thought should be done to confront/review with my Dr., "MY" regulated BP testing overtime and hope that he is reasonable and accept the results because his BP test will be wrong. God bless and thanks again for your great information.

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When I do diaphragmatic breathing, I say to myself "Inhale 1,2,3" and
then "Exhale 1,2,3,4,5,6" slowly through pursed lips. . This helps my mind focus on correct breathing, and not on other thoughts that can cause anxiety and raise blood pressure. I use this technique when I experience arrhythmias.

The breathing should be gentle, relaxed, and not forced. Your diaphragm muscle will rise and fall. One therapist told me to imagine a baby lying on their back peacefully asleep. You will see the diaphragm muscle rise and fall in a gentle rhythm.

A pulmonologist told me years ago that I was a "chest breather" and breathing incorrectly . It took time to train my body to breathe correctly all the time.

I hope everything goes well with your exam. Keep up the positive lifestyle changes!