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I have a problem with my blood pressure being abnormally high when I see the doctor. My blood pressure at home averages 106/66 and it can be as high as 142/80 in the doctor's office.

I use the Omron Connect series 7 wrist blood pressure monitor. It correlates closely with the Omron larger blood pressure monitors in my Cardiologist's office. At home, I take my blood pressure several times a day following the positioning instructions that come with the monitor. The blood pressure values automatically go to the Omron app on my phone. The Omron app report keeps historical records that display the values as a list or graph by day, week, month, or year (attached screen shots). I show the reading to my doctors so they know my blood pressure is actually low at home.

The other technique to use to lower my blood pressure back to normal before my doctor visit is to sit quietly with my my eyes closed and inhale to the count of three and slowly exhale to the count if 6 through pursed lips. I do this several times and only focus on this breathing technique. This helps to calm my nervous system down and it lowers my blood pressure back to its normal value.

Congratulations on getting your weight down and making lifestyle changes to lower your blood pressure.

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I appreciate this information because I am basically doing the same thing, tracking all of my weight gains and losses and BP measurements to show the Dr. my BP's overtime. I am also showing the average between my BP in the morning and at night after daily activity. I am still falling in the low BP range. I also just discovered the breathing technique that I will be testing this weekend. The test that I saw on the internet by a Dr. was DRAMATIC and convinced me to try it. I am 75 and my goal is to reach my target weight of whatever the medical community determines that to be. I will submit that to the community later. Thank you so much for verifying what I thought should be done to confront/review with my Dr., "MY" regulated BP testing overtime and hope that he is reasonable and accept the results because his BP test will be wrong. God bless and thanks again for your great information.

When I read your comments I assume you hadn't heard of the "white coat syndrome" ... called that since so many patients have that same experience when seeing an MD. I am one.

I also wonder why when the nurses take your weight they don't care what you have on which certainly can make a difference. I've done it and with winter boots on (hard to get off) and at other times no footwear at all.