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It occurs to me that perhaps you are not taking hypertension meds?

It sounds as if you want to obtain a two year license, but may not be medically clear enough for that? And, why are you using crutches in a VA facility? I should have asked what your age is ... and, any other extenuating factors?

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Replies to "It occurs to me that perhaps you are not taking hypertension meds? It sounds as if..."

I have been taking Doxazosin Mesylate for blood pressure for about 12 years and has does nothing for my pressure. And to be honest while not living a healthy lifestyle and reaching a weight of 258 lbs., that's probably why. So the only thing that really works is diet and exercise which I am now doing and have at this time an average reading of 118/71/80. As far as being medically clear to maintain a CDL, you can have high blood pressure and still maintain your CDL with the caveat that instead of being approved for a 2 year period, they will approve you for only a year at a time. My goal is to obtain my original 2 year period so that I don't have to do this every year due to the expense involved. Plus, I no longer drive actively over-the-road. I only maintain my CDL because once you lose them you have to go and re-qualify which is a nightmare and greater expense that I can afford. I have my CDL to do part-time driving locally only. NO longhauls! And the reason that I was on crutches at the VA is because I injured my left ACL and could not walk for a long time. I am still waiting for the VA to schedule an appointment with my PCP and then wait more time to actually get the MRI to determine what was damaged.