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Hematoma from L2-L5 post laminectomy

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@mskow Welcome to Connect. I was looking for some literature about seromas from post operative spine surgeries and I found a few links. Some of these indicate that surgery may be able to resolve a seroma. That being said, I would find the best surgeon that you can, and I would agree Mayo is a great place to seek care. Mayo takes cases that other surgeons refuse. I am a Mayo spine surgery patient and was very impressed with my results. My surgery was for spinal cord compression at C5/C6. My neurosurgeon, Jeremy Fogelson, is a spine deformity expert and you could ask him to review your case if a trip to Rochester, MN is possible for you. If you do want to seek care at Mayo, first check to see if Mayo accepts your health insurance as "in-network" as you know spine surgery is very expensive. If you are applying for care at Mayo, they will review your case without charge to determine if they can help. Dr. Fogelson likes difficult cases and he teaches in the Mayo Neurosurgery program. https://www.mayoclinic.org/biographies/fogelson-jeremy-l-m-d/bio-20055624

Here are some links. If you wish to apply to Mayo for care, you may use this first link to request a call from a coordinator. http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63

Mayo Clinic Insurance & Billing

Literature about post surgical seromas

International Pain Management Reports Case at a Glance:
Spinal Seroma in a patient with lumbar Fusion

Journal of Spinal Cord Medicine
Posterior cord syndrome associated with postoperative seroma: The case to perform a complete neurologic exam

I am sorry your providers have not treated you well. It sounds like your surgeon doesn't want any blame for this outcome. The medical literature I found validates what you say that these symptoms are caused by fluid buildup from the trauma of surgery. I think your surgeon is just protecting himself and no longer wants you as a patient. There are better surgeons out there. I know how hard that is because I had 5 surgeons refuse to take my case because they didn't understand it, and I was the recipient of some remarks from providers and their nurses. I went to Mayo and everything turned out well. Would you consider seeking an opinion at another medical institution?

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Jennifer, I didn't mean to respond in such a negative manner to your suggestions. I appreciate you taking the time to seek out those links and send them to me. As you might imagine I, too, spent a far amount of searching Dr. Internet and found any number of articles that cite this development as being somewhat rare. Yet the neurosurgeon at Froedtert Memorial Hospital in Milwaukee, WI (supposedly the best in the area) insists that this is "NORMAL" that there is no impact on my negative results, and that there is nothing to be done.

I'm collecting names of reommendations and will decide where to start trying to find answers. If I'd not had such successful surgery in the past I might not have had this surgery or might no just accept my fate.

Thank you again