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First things first, Mayo Connect cannot diagnosis conditions or offer medical advise...that is something you need to get from your doctor. Hopefully you will get answers to your questions soon, so you can put your mind at ease. Being young, 34, and in good shape with all the fitness, cardio, and diet is a definite plus for you! You mention you have heart disease in your family, do you know what your uncles were diagnosed with?
Have you called your doctor to discuss the findings yet, or do you have an appointment to go over the results?

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Im not looking for a diagnosis really i just wanted to see if these results were considered abnormal. My Ejection Function of 50-55% is considered normal from what ive seen but when i see the terms they put like mildly and reduced function it scares me, and the global longitude number. They had their nurse call me for reassurance and to go over them and said just to do due diligence since the range was 50-55% they want to do a 14 day monitor and stress test on me. But then would tell me they don't see anything worrisome. So it confuses me and I suffer from health anxiety so it has my mind all over the place.