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Implantable neurostimulator for chronic pain

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No-one should "shame" anyone else.
I'd been getting treated for chronic pain for over 12 years and it was never presented as an option. They only brought up the Stimulators because of the "opiod crisis" and as you said, their fear of the DEA for prescribing it.

I never heard of the pain pump until a friend of mine who was an engineer for 15 years for Medtronic developing the pain pump brought it up.
When I asked my pain clinic they said - "yes, that might be a really good fit for my pain issue". What??!!??!! They could not come up with it themselves? they even implant them daily in their surgery center, but they somehow never even informed me that it was an thing.

The one thing (good and bad) about all these pumps and stimulators is that they are targeted so if you can get them to work on you it is over a limited area. Since my chronic pain is all over my body, I have to pick the area that is worst and basically just suffer with the rest.
Whereas, the oral opiods would treat all of the pain at once.

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I had a similar situation. Pain MD (neurologist by specialty) never suggested one and once neurosurgeon proposed I have more surgery, it was like she just gave up on other options. If I hadn’t sought out a second opinion, I would not have even thought about a SCS! I have since learned a pain management MD whose specialty is Anesthesiology has a much broader concept of what to try for pain management options. Something to keep in mind!