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Nebulizing time with Aerobika

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how do you sterilize the AeroEclipse XL?

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@irenea8 I soak in hot water and dawn for about 10 minutes, rinse and then I put it in a microwave steam bag. I also boil it once a week. From what I’ve gathered here, my treatment of it is overkill. Some people only sterilize/steam bag once a week. Reading the care instructions with the AeroEclipse XL nebulizer is likely a good idea. If I remember correctly, it said something about decisions on how to clean it/sterilize it are based on disease condition.

I soak the Aerobika and Aeroeclipse in hot water with Dawn dishwashing liquid for for 20 minutes after every use. I rinse it and put all parts in a Bololo Baby Bottle Sterilizer. I put the cup and the outside components in the bottom section and the Aeroeclipse lid and aerokiba interior component on the shelf. It sterilizes for 20 minutes and dries for 40 minutes. I store it in the sterilizer until the next use. When I am in a hurry or traveling I use a Medela steam bag.

Soak in Dawn dishwashing liquid in hot water for about 10 minutes. Rinse in regular water then in distilled water. Shake excess water out & lay on clean paper towels to dry. Once a week I placed parts in microwave sterilizing bag & run according to time listed on bag. Times vary depending on your microwave.

I do what the instructions suggest- wash in hot, soapy water after each use and sterilize after every other use. There are several ways to sterilize, but I love the Medela bags that go in the microwave.