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Lumbar MRI Results Question

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Thank You for your comments. I sound just like you . Epidurals have worked for me but my pain Dr. told me I’ve reached my limit. Other than going into PT sites with questions about outcomes do you know of any way to find this information. Not many Orthopedic PT’s will let you ask these questions. Thanks . NA

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I have found all PTs may not give the most direct answer but when asked about specific surgeons the often say “oh yes he/ she is very good! We have good outcomes” or “I don’t know about (or have not seen) many of his/her patients.”Some were very direct when asked for a recommendation and gave me names. I also chat with other PT patients who are in rehab from surgery. They gave me a lot of info. I am not sure if this is the most acceptable way to gather info but (along with interviewing 4 surgeons ) it worked well for me.

@corn49 Thank you for your reply, that is a good question, I have not been able to ask directly to a doctor but i have used Reddit, Quora, and also JustAnswer, is kind of sad when you have to do your own digging and your own research, the only Mayo clinic close to me is Jacksonville about 4 hours drive and with that much pain, I'm wondering how would i make it.