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Bladder wall thickening/terrified it's cancer

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Thank you for posting this unusual natural support supplement. Our medical system seems to be binary - either we go in that direction or we go natural. I often wonder if combining the two may be worthwhile. With our DNA being unique to only us individually, the medical option may be great for one person and then won't work very well for another. I think it's good to keep our minds open. This life we live is an experiment for each of us. I hope you continue to do well & stay cancer-free.

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I totally disagree that treatment should one or the other. Humans on this planet have always used everything that might work. Pharna companies may like you to be dependent on them. There has always been a problem with finding out how and when supplements might help because of sources and quality control. Much misunderstanding. Like curcumin, water soluble vitamins only stay in your body a short time. For a long time doctors have negated the use of vitamin C supplement because it is flushed from the body in several hours. I take "timed release", which keeps it effective for 12 hours or more depending on what you buy. Many good doctors are beginning to accept holistics as valuable as science proves it.