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Bladder wall thickening/terrified it's cancer

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Curcumin has been shown to be a powerful agent that kills cancer cells. It's weakness is that alone, it is not bioavailable and is quickly metabolized out of the blood stream. Bioavailability has been remedied by the addition of black pepper extract. I currently take 1000 mg 95% curcuminoids with black pepper extract supplements several times a day.

I am 77 year old male. In March 2022, I was diagnosed with stage II muscle invasive cancer found by CT scan and cystoscopic biopsy. Did chemotherapy, but while taking the curcumin supplements 6 times a day. Tested cancer free in August 2022 and still am.

I have posted this many times on this site and my comments with many medical studies that prove curcumin effectiveness are available if you look.

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Thank you for posting this unusual natural support supplement. Our medical system seems to be binary - either we go in that direction or we go natural. I often wonder if combining the two may be worthwhile. With our DNA being unique to only us individually, the medical option may be great for one person and then won't work very well for another. I think it's good to keep our minds open. This life we live is an experiment for each of us. I hope you continue to do well & stay cancer-free.

I was diagnosed with low grade noninvasive bladder cancer a year ago, in 2022. I've had about 5 TURBTs, all low grade superficial until December 2023 which shows muscle present. My urologist is going to recommend bladder removal soon according to the NP. No mention of chemo or anything else. Any input anyone could give would be appreciated!