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Lumbar MRI Results Question

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I had similar issues. I am not a health professional but my MRI sounded a lot like yours. Epidurals worked for about 3 years. I was terrified of surgery. Finally the pain was too debilitating and I gave into surgery at Mayo in 2020. I am 100% after the surgery. My suggestion is interview as many surgeons as necessary to find the most competent and experienced surgeon you can find. Ask the physical therapists who rehab back surgeries. They know who has good outcomes. I wish you the best with this journey.

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@hvannort Thank so much for your reply, those leg pains on my hamstring and tibialis are really tough, I just hope I can get better to be able to drive.

Thank You for your comments. I sound just like you . Epidurals have worked for me but my pain Dr. told me I’ve reached my limit. Other than going into PT sites with questions about outcomes do you know of any way to find this information. Not many Orthopedic PT’s will let you ask these questions. Thanks . NA

Hvannort, may I ask your age? Recovery is often related to one's age. I'm 75 with similar symptoms and considering surgery, but am concerned about my body's ability to heal/recover and get back anywhere close to 100%. Thoughts, anyone?