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Diagnosed with Ameloblastoma

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As someone who has had ameloblastoma I didn’t have any apparent symptoms until last august in which my dad noticed the right side of my face was swollen and as the weeks went on it was getting more and more uncomfortable to eat so I went to the dentist and their scans showed a cyst which was taken for a biopsy a month later which turned out to be ameloblastoma! It was very sudden and unexpected and like @hrhwilliam said not many physicians were familiar with the tumour so I opted for a high quality specialist to review my scans which led to the surgery to remove the tumour with the jaw reconstruction. Ameloblastoma often invades the mandible and can be cystic or not- that being said if it is ameloblastoma just know that while the process may be scary you’ve got this and you will never be placed in a situation you cannot handle. We’re always for you!