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Diagnosed with Ameloblastoma

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William, I wonder what were your first symptoms of the ameloblastoma? Was in to dentist for a routine cleaning about a week ago but also went ahead and had them do a conebeam CT scan since I'd been having pressure-like pain on the top right back teeth for awhile. Turns out that there's a "lesion" of some sort in that area but haven't yet gotten back the rad report. Did you have symptoms like this at all and was a lesion seen on dental scan? Ameloblastoma keeps coming up when researching so was curious how it all started for you.

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Hi @honeybear3. I myself have not had Ameloblastoma, only the similar surgery that others have had such as @anbar04.
As I understand this tumor, it likes to grow primarily on the mandible or lower jaw. It isn’t considered cancer as it doesn’t spread but it is still an uncontrollable growth.
It is also rather rare. Most physicians have never seen it nor know anything about it. That said, it would be best to seek out those who have experience with it, if indeed this is what it is. You may have to wait for results. Also it does not seem to be a fast growing tumor as many live with it for years although it can become uncomfortable and disfiguring.
Take a look at some good medical websites including Mayo Clinic.org . Learn what you can and then seek the best to help you. And when it’s under control, hug your dentist.