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Good luck getting any feedback on your tbs score. I jumped through hoops to get TBS added, then couldn't find a doctor who would give it a 2nd look. They don't seem to know or care about it. All they care about is the DXA itself.

I'm going to get another one with my DXA at the 1 year mark, as I'm on Tymlos and want to log any changes. But while I understand DXA scores, I don't understand how to read a TBS score. The clinic with TBS doesn't take my insurance (I paid for the DXA + TBS out of pocket). But consulting with their doctors would cost hundreds of dollars per visit.

Hopefully I can find a medical pro on my insurance who will interpret it for me.

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I’ve had the TBS and can probably explain some things. What are your questions.?

One nice thing is that Tymlos improves the microarchitecture of the bones. It would be great to compare the TBS after a year on Tymlos. But not so great to pay again. I'd be curious.

Often, now for example. this site won't allow me to link a text. This article has a nice, maybe too extensive, explanation of how to read the TBS report.

TBS value means that microarchitecture bone is dense, well connected with little spaces between trabeculaes. Conversely, a low TBS value means that the microarchitecture of bone is incomplete and poorly connected with wide spaces between trabeculae.