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I'm the perp who started this thread, Changing Doctors. As I just completed making that change this morning, I thought I should report that the change went well. I'm not ending my association with the neurologist I've been seeing for the past two years; I'll continue to keep him abreast of how things are going (he's a good doctor; I like him, but his practice has grown so large that I've had increasing difficulty either seeing him or getting answers to questions). I'm simply refocusing, returning to the neurology team with whom I'd originally worked. The conversation I had this morning ended just as I'd hoped it would: new blood work (esp. to look at my B6 level), a second EMG (the last – which was my first – was two years ago) to see if my PN is progressing, stable, or (highly unlikely) retreating, and a host of et ceteras. I try ti make it clear to the neurology team that I've long since accepted that my PN is incurable. I wanted them to know I wasn't returning to them hoping for a miracle cure. I believe I said I simply want a go-to neurological team to whom I can turn if & when I've questions or need help. I said, too, that I don't change doctors lightly. I regard changing doctors as serious business. If I hadn't had a good reason, I wouldn't be doing it.

Ray (@ray66)

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I have follow-up blood work in December and will wait for the results, however, my plan is to find a new primary care doctor, and maybe a new neurologist once I have the results. I want to find someone that listens, and instead of "I don't have an answer for you", someone with a little empathy and curiosity towards the problem. I don't change doctors lightly, but I think it is time.

Good luck to you. The medical world is in a bit of a mess and change can be scary. I miss the days when doctor offices had someone on duty 24/7. Now it's "go to the ER" if you have any issue after 5 pm.