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Implantable neurostimulator for chronic pain

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Thank you for your replies, Jim, Justin and cjpeterson (Sorry, I can’t see if you’ve signed your name.). I am seeing my neurologist this week, and will definitely be asking him his thoughts on the neurostimulator. He retired a few years ago, was bored and returned to work in a private group practice, so I assume no longer has the same access to the Montreal Neurological Institute that he had, but is still full of ideas. He knows all the meds, interventions and alternative treatments I’ve tried. I very much hope his opinion of whether or not the stimulator is appropriate differs from the pain clinic doctor I asked, several years ago.

I find it very helpful to have this chronic pain chat group. As so many of you have said, it’s hard to keep telling your thoughts, questions, etc., to people who don’t experience it – without feeling that I must be boring them silly!

Good luck to all – Gillian

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Great. I’ve learned to be nearly obsessive about research, and recommend it to all. You might Google Burst DR before your appointment. I always like to go to my appointments as informed and prepared as I can.

As I’m sure you’ve heard many times that everyone responds to treatments differently. Option A might be wonderful to some and terrible to others. Option B might just be a total scam. I think that when it comes to medicine, we all keep practicing it until we find what works. It’s not just doctors who practice medicine. (Smiley face here)

I hope you have a productive appointment, @miro – Gillian.


Well, I had my appointment with my neurologist today and before I lose the little energy left in me, he also said I was not a candidate for a neurostimulator as no one (& I’ve consulted so many) knows the origin of the neuropathic pain and the reason for its intermittency – i.e. every evening & night but not every day – makes it even more confounding.

I was quite content being boring & predictable…but I guess that was not going to be forever! Back to strong coffee & scotch as the best helpers. Could be worse, right?


That is a bummer that you did not get the answer you were hoping for, but it must be encouraging that the opinions seem to agree and you won’t have to undergo a surgery or procedure. Did the neurosurgeon have any new ideas for you regarding your pain or pain management?

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