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Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) P16+

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Hi Dave, - thanks for your story. I was offered the "no surgery - high dose Rad and weekly chemo" but opted against it. I'm going to have the surgery and hopefully "lighter" rad and only 3 chemo treatments spaced over the 5-6 weeks. My first instinct is to get this out of me now.

I'm wishing I could just have the surgery and double neck dissection and call it a day. How critical is the radiation anyway? That's what I'm asking myself today.

I find myself, after all the Covid malarkey, wondering what is truly needed? and what is just revenue stream? The medical / pharma insustry has not done much to make me trust them these last few years. I have some more questions for my Oncological team I guess.

Venting a little tonight.....

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I understand your view and doubts. I went to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville. I feel they gave me the best treatment for recovery. Surgery was an option except they were not comfortable taking my lymph node out as it was right on my carotid artery.
One thing you might ask re:radiation. Can they do proton radiation in your case vs photon radiation. Proton is much more precise and the side effects, I have heard are much less than photon. Think hammer vs needle.
Best wishes on your treatment and I am glad you have faith in Christ Jesus. He goes through it with you.

Said a prayer for you that all works out for you. I prayed the Psalms a lot and leaned on Psalm 138. I love the part that the Lord will perfect that which concerns me. I write all those down and give them to Him.
It has been 5 and 1/2 months from my last treatment. I am doing very well. Gaining strength, eating normally and exercising. I am able to work a normal schedule. What's different? I have lost a lot of weight. The radiation took out fat as well as muscle mass. I just did not have an appetite and the pain in my throat would only tolerate liquids. Boost 530 is good. I am in no hurry to gain a lot of weight. I also sleep lighter than I used to. While i am eating a normal diet, i still do not enjoy eating like I did before treatment. I know i am rambling a bit, I just want to say I am getting stronger every day, am cancer free and want to help anybody i can with my experience.