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Sudden rise in PSA score

Prostate Cancer | Last Active: Oct 1, 2023 | Replies (12)

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I had the “RALP” performed on 10/25/22. It was a very successful surgery. They removed 100% of any detectable cancer and my PSA has been steady at >0.014 from 10/26/22 to the current.
As I mentioned previously, the PSA and a Digital Exam are the two initial tests used to determine if further testing is warranted up until the need of a Prostate Biopsy which really tells the story about your current state of Prostate Cancer and suggests a time line for somewhat immediate treatment or “Active Surveillance and Watchful Waiting!” If you need immediate treatment then the surgical and radiation options are really the only viable choices to kill the cancer. Your number one priority is to rid yourself of the cancer. Take the amount of time you need to make the best decision for yourself and choose either option and begin your treatment, They both have the two man side effects of Incontinence and ED. The treatments are totally different but ultimately produce the same results. One of them will speak more loudly and clearly than the other and that’s the one to go with, when required, swift action is better than waiting around. Especially if that’s not a viable option for you.
Best wishes and good luck.

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Thanks for information. I did not have surgery. Mainly age 76 and heart failure, so was not candidate for surgery. My cancer was limited to prostrate, and Decipher came back low risk. I went with proton radiation and did not need hormone treatments. Sound like your PSA results test are great and steady.

I am unfamiliar with "RALP" in that procedure do they remove all of prostrate or just part of it?