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Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) P16+

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I had almost the exact diagnosis in March this year. I had no surgery but underwent 35 sessions of radiation and weekly chemo. 7 weeks total. The pain does get progressively worse and by week 7 and the next month or so after that it is no fun. I lost 40 lbs. I did not get a feeding tube and am not sure I I should have. Liquid Boost was my diet for some time.
I am 5 months out now and can tell you there is light at the end of this treatment. I can tasted, my diet is normalizing and I am still able to work.
I am still gaining strength. I am able to work. I do not enjoy eating as much as pre cancer treatment and I don’t sleep like I used to. All that said I am so much better in just 5 months. I think your 2 years to normal estimate is probably a good one. Still it’s not terrible. I have my 2nd scan next month a believe that I am cancer free.

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Hi Dave, - thanks for your story. I was offered the "no surgery - high dose Rad and weekly chemo" but opted against it. I'm going to have the surgery and hopefully "lighter" rad and only 3 chemo treatments spaced over the 5-6 weeks. My first instinct is to get this out of me now.

I'm wishing I could just have the surgery and double neck dissection and call it a day. How critical is the radiation anyway? That's what I'm asking myself today.

I find myself, after all the Covid malarkey, wondering what is truly needed? and what is just revenue stream? The medical / pharma insustry has not done much to make me trust them these last few years. I have some more questions for my Oncological team I guess.

Venting a little tonight.....

Dave I am about to go thru it also Do you what the name of your chemo drug was?
What kind of side effects did you have?