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Implantable neurostimulator for chronic pain

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I was going to have a temporary one placed to see if it will work for me My personal experience, and opinion, do not get this done.The pain and discomfort I went through is not worth the risk of being paralyzed. Please understand that I have not had any treatment from Mayo,I am not suggesting or saying anything negative about Mayo. I have had 3 back surgeries L- 2-3,3-4,-4-5,fusions with braces and screws. After the thrid surgery things became worse. My left leg inside from my groin to knee is painful and numbness. My left knee is painful. It feels as if I have no leg. My leg has given out, and I have fallen. I use a knee and back braces. I am taking Hydrocoydone and other medications.I tried shots in the spine with negative results. I also use Aspercreme, at night, this gives me relief to sleep,and function during the day. I am totaly disabled, and was forced to retire. I hope this works. There is no money in the cure, only in the treatment. My opinion

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I had the temporary placed and it degreesed my pain 50-70%. It was terrific. 2 days ago I had the permanent Nevro placed in my lower back. I am definitely not paralyzed. Where did you get your info? Are we talking about the Nevro Spinal Stimulator? The only pain I feel is from the insision and that should be very short lived.

When I typed the reply to elltd’s message I had just woke up. Hopefully, my spelling didn’t confuse anyone i,e, “degreesed”, “insision”. I do know how to spell when I’m awake. I would like to give an update on the Stimulator tho. Like any surgery (& it wasn’t exactly a “piece of cake” like they seemed to want you to think at Mayo) I’ve had good and bad days.
My Nevro Rep has it turned down to the lowest setting for 2 weeks and, then, will turn it up gradually. Hopefully, reaching a point like the test, that will give me some relief and I can have my life back. I would really recommend this to anyone with extreme back pain to explore this procedure. Marie

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