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I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with your courage. Courage and strength. And with no help from family only more needs to be handled. And then you end with a smiling face. I was thinking about the injections and nucleoplasty when I responded to your post. But I was also thinking about Forteo. Another drug but a biologic analog for parathyroid hormone. Some report a reduction of pain as it fill the spaces in the bones and the joints.
by stimulating osteoblasts and chondrocytes. I've been taking it since April and just don't ache as much.
You mught alos check out chirpractics. After the first visit the treatment is quick. I'm usually out before the half hour. You can avoid thrust adjustment, definitely in the neck, but I'm hoping the MRI reveals a simple fix. Sometimes the hardware doesn't hold position.
You've gotten good at wrestling with physicians. I hope you consider seeing multiples because there is so much to know, And new information all the time.
I had minor (compared to yours) bout with colorectal cancer and had to crisscross the states to find an oncologist willing to treat me without chemotherapy. I'm five years clear, but have time, perhaps, to realize the the anti-chemo stance was a mistake.
I suspect that you don't have time for massage, but it can be very helpful.
Yeah, you can't let hernias go because they just get bigger.
I hope for some unexpected escapes in your future.

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Good morning.. I am curious as to how you handled and treated your bout with cancer?? You say you are 5 years clear but you are questioning your decision to not have chemo?? Are you ok still?? I certainly hope so.
What is this drug forteo? I have not heard of it, of course, as I mentioned I generally research things then tell my DR. I have been through several Oncologists for various reasons,, the one I have now I do not like. I missed my appt, on purpose a month ago, I felt I was having my primary order all of my scans and I read my own blood work why do I need this woman who does nothing. I have looked for another Oncologist but no one else here. This city is just awful. I had called Mayo in Scottsdale last year and used my brothers condo address as mine so I would be a resident?? They put me on a wait list,. I was willing to drive there or fly as needed for better care,, It is only an hour flight.. But I have not had any callls. If my cancer was in full blown mets state or active I would land on their doorstep and they would take me,. They are the pioneers of cutting edge cancer care founded on not turning patients away . Well like any place else they are a business..

I did join MAssage Envy, had one massage so far,, it was quite painful as I said Deep tissue. They had one lic. medical masseuse as I would not let anyone else touch me..I have very thin skin, especially my hands and arms all I have to do is touch something and it will itch and bruise terribly,, I told her my hands were painful. she worked on them.. they were a mess of bruises.. I have not made time for another yet, perhaps later this week for some relief,, When I saw my neurosurgeon about my spine and getting the new MRI asked him about my neck,, he did rec. a chiropractor.. Interesting you do as well. I am sort of afraid , which is odd as I don't fear much,.. so I didnt pursue it, Perhaps I will see one,.

Where do you live?? that you had to go else where to get a more holistic approach to cancer treatments??? I still would like to know what you did.. years ago I lived in San Diego and was a Real Estate agent. I started very young,, 22 .. I had a very lovely client who called me to list her condo.. she had breast cancer. I knew no one and nothing about cancer.., I listed her condo. She said she was going to Mexico for treatments,, sadly she never came back.. her brother then contacted me for the sale of her condo.. I cant help but wonder why she did that when we were in the area of the top medical treatment centers,, Scripps Institute, etc Obviously much more available now.. My friends all wanted me to come back for care.. i was sort of stuck in a hospital here after the lung biopsy my lung collapsed so I was stuck for a good week for that surgery plus the Dr. on staff did every test possible on me to check for mets of the lung cancer but neglected the abdomen, When I was released prior to the actual lung surgery , I had a pet scan that showed the high uptake in the abdomen.. and suggested follow up with CT,, no one paid any attention
so I went a good 6 months under the care of a quack, slowly dying while every month I would see him in his office , never once blood work, weight , vitals.. I was bleeding internally but didnlt know it,, every month he would say he wasnt sure what to do with me, as far as chemo as my lung was removed that had the cancer,, I was so sick I didnlt know what to do nor did my parents.. my primary paid no attention to the fact that I was now 25 lbs less and sick,,, Finally my lung surgeon saw me, told me to get away from this guy and see this other DR,, I did, and that is when she did blood work that day, called me back, and stuck me in the hospital for 2 days to get blood, I was running on empty.. I know it all now. but when you have no knowledge and some dim wit Dr that is supposed to know tells you you look great , you had a hard surgery, my answer was no I didn't , I had a good surgery ,, I was up the next day, putting on eye liner and shaving my legs,, plus walking with the walker and my IV stand.. My surgeon saw me and asked what I was doing, I said I am doing what I do,.... after that first day is when the pain of the surgery hit me,, but i was walking ten time around the block until I couldn't anymore.. Suing that Dr would have been so exhausting and time consuming,, so I went after his license which I learned he had revoked years earlier but got back, he had a very sordid past and kicked out of many states,, and lands here.... I was successful in having his license revoked and not up for any renewals , getting it back,,, I opened the door for others to sue him.. which they did.. no amount of money if I sued would justify what he did to me, however, knowing I ruined his life, he was in his early 70's and his practice , holds much greater justice for me. he will never hurt of kill anyone else,. . The whole thing was a bit of a black mark on me with other oncologists not wanting to take me on as a patient for fear if they screwed up I would go after them.. well if you dont do wrong you do not need to fear..
I best end this here or one story will keep going into another... have a Blessed and pain less day!! Jacquie