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Implantable neurostimulator for chronic pain

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Would like to hear from patients that have had a Nevro Stimulator implanted

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Hi @marieh. I’m moving your post over to this thread in the Chronic Pain group: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/has-anybody-had-an-implantable-neurostimulator-for-chronic-pain/.

There you’ll find @ladyjane85, @pamperthyself, @lisab62 and @bekie posting about their experience with neuro stimulators.

Hi @marieh – I had a neurostimulator for my chronic high level back pain even after 3 surgeries in lumbar with rod and screw fusions.
One is told there can be up to 50% relief. No such luck – even with reprogramming several times, it would rumble away for many hours even after shut down, I hated to have that 5th surgery but all was removed. See what others say bec some have newer models . Mine was put in in 2013 and removed 15 months later. It did nothing for me, but my pain level hits 8, 9 and 10!! @ladyjane85

Was it the Nevro Stimulator? I understand a couple other companies manufacture them, including Medtronics. The Nevro one is the one the Dr recommended. Thanks for any info you have on the Nevro. Good luck to you.

@marieh Not a Nevro, this was one from St Jude’s, who are in the OR
with dr also, and program it whenever by coming to home.
To me they are no better than a strong TENS unit. Told
may give 50% relief at best!! No relief and nothing but a problem –
removed bec one cannot have an MRI with those wires.
And the under the skin battery pack had corners that I was
afraid to fall on. I tend to faint with high pain.
Hope someone can tell us about the Nevro, but even some like the St Jude’s
stimulator – must have a lower pain level than my
common 9 level. @ladyjane85

I had the Nevro for 7 days as a test. For 4 days it was beyond terrific. On the 5th day I woke up and was back to square one. I knew I had pulled the wires loose (the Dr warned me about that because, during the test, the wires are only taped down). During the test it reduced my pain by 50-70%. I’m due to have the permanent one put in on this coming Tuesday. Please keep your fingers
crossed. Mayo clinic in Scottsdale is doing the implant and I can hardly wait.

I actually had the St. Jude’s one implanted as well & have had it for about three years.it is actually working so well for me. still have pain but the sciatica is way better.