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Implantable neurostimulator for chronic pain

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I’ve had the Spinal Cord Stimulator for pain of Variant Angina
It has taken care of the pain however it does not cover the pain of a heart attack or a bad spasm. Took a little while to
Get used to it but now it’s part of my life and totally worth it.

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Have stable angina had many stents and it was time to have open heart surgery. Angina went, something I have to learn to live with that like I have been doing for the last seven years. The Open Heart what’s completed on December 2011. I learned feelings of my body when I have an angina attack. Started to have more pain with my angina attacks. Preformed catherization and found my right femoral artery was 100% blocked. Had a stent in artery that was 65%blocked. My stable angina continues with more pain and more episodes. Asked two cardiologists and one pain doctor, about the spinal cord stimulator and all of them do not recommended the stimulator. Success of this instrument it’s not worth the percentage of people it helps. The surgery to put in the stimulator and if it needs to be taken out is a major surgery. If my angina is different I could be having a heart attack and would not know it with the stimulator. As for the stent and the right side of my heart is all the cardiologists can do prognosis is not good. But will keep trying Stimulator thumbs down.

Hello @alll, and welcome to Connect. Thank you for sharing your story about living with the frustrating complications of stable angina with the other members of the chronic pain group. It sounds like your physicians do not think the risk/reward benefit is so much that it would be worth risking in a stimulator for your pain. Although frustrating, it is best to trust your medical provider’s input.

You mentioned that stents are the only option currently and the prognosis is not good. Only if you are comfortable, would you mind sharing a bit more about that?

Also, it may be beneficial to start a discussion in the Heart & Blood Health group, found here https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/heart-blood-vessel-conditions/. I suggest calling the discussion “Stable Angina” or something along those lines so that we can bring members to the conversation. Do not hesitate to ask how to do this if you are having troubles.

Hi Lisa, what SCS company manufactured your device? i.e., Abbot, Boston Scientific, Nevro or Stimwave?

Glad to hear you had some success with a SCS. Which company of the SCS did you use? i.e, Boston Scientific, Abbot, Nevro. etc.