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Implantable neurostimulator for chronic pain

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I had great success with the trial but the perm implant has been a disaster. My wish was to have a better life after 30 years of severe nerve damage and four lumbar surgeries but it was the biggest mistake of my life. After reviewing the FDA site and other comments I recommend staying away from it. There are just to many problems and horror stories from placement surgery to problems years later. No matter how bad it is today we have to ask ourselves COULD IT BE WORSE? Chances are the answer is yes. Sorry for sounding bitter. I also have PTSD because I felt the doctor cut me open to remove the device. I can’t get past it.

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I continue to suffer with severe nerve pain from my buttocks to my toes. I can’t tolerate sitting, standing or anything inbetween. The calf muscles continue to move all the time and they hurt. I was told that this stimulator should have never been suggested since I already had previous nerve damage. Apparently my body is hypersensitive and nothing can be done. The nerves need time to recover and that can take up to two years if they recover at all. I am sensitive to medications and there is not one that I can take to help. I was also told that the stimulator can help patients during the trial, because its like a party for your nerves feeling relief that they have not felt for so long but when the perm implant is put in you never get the same response. One thing to keep in mind is that the trial is always done with the lead wire but your doctor might suggest the paddle. I believe my outcome would have been successful had they used the paddle. My life has changed forever. I live alone. I cannot go back to work. I really don’t know what will happen to me now. No way to support myself, no one to help. I am in pain 24 hours a day. I cannot do anything that I did before the stimulator. It was suggested that I go to the Mayo chronic pain center to help me learn ways to live with this pain but I do not have the money to stay in the hotel for three weeks, pay for the program as insurance does not cover all of it and other living expense for the three week long program. It would be nice if Mayo had an indigent care program in place to help patients that would benefit from the treatment center but cannot afford it. I still wonder how can devices like these be approved if there is no way to help the patient if the procedure fails. Shame on the FDC for approving this kind of treatment with so little testing. Shame on the companies that sit and watch their stock increase, NEVRO. Shame on the doctors that continue to play GOD, knowing the damage that they have caused patients should prevent them from doing the procedure on other patients. Nerve pain is so terrible that we will try anything to find relief. Maybe patients should be informed with all facts before jumping into anything a doctor suggests will provide relief. Search a little harder, look at more studies that have been done, listen to other complaints. I know I have to live minute to minute. What kind of life is worth living with this kind of pain? I do want to wish those of you starting out on your new journey the best of luck.

My heart goes out to you. I only had 1 spinal surgery, complete with fusions and cages. I was mentally psychi up to go for another. I then went to Mayo & the Neurosurgeon said no more surgeries and no more injections. That’s how I ended up with the Nevro Stimulator. So far, except for the pain around the placement of the Nevro, I’m doing good. I’m still taking Hydrocondin which do not seem to be doing a great deal of good. My Nevro is turned down to the very lowest siting. It will be that way for 2 weeks. Then every 2 weeks it will go up in increments to reach a satisfactory setting. Think seriously about Mayo. I’m not sure if I said but have only had the Nevro in for 5 days. When I first discussed Mayo with a group of friends one of them made the comment that Mayo was expensive. Not so. Their Billing procedure is different but it all works out the same. Good luck to you. Marie

Omg! You’re telling my story. The only difference is I just had this surgery on Jan 3rd , 2018. I feel like I was rushed into this surgery and also felt threatened by my pain management Dr. I feel like I was pushed into have ing that surgery. Since the surgery, I have been in horrible pain and am covered in hives from my scalp to my toes. I’ve never had them in my life and they keep getting worse despite medicine to get rid of them.
I’ve never felt so alone and helpless in my life.

I’m so sorry to hear about what this stimulator has done to all of you .Listen to your body ,you know our body.All of you who had this implanted and now hives,(allergy) more pain may have a lawsuit on this stimulator ,what quality of life do you have now?

Omg so sorry to hear of all your pain from a neurostimulator our bodies reject anything foreign I'd have it removed right away.I have fibromyalgia ,L2fracture so am I'm pain but being a retired nurse I do herbal @homeopathic medicines plus Magnesium the body needs minerals like mag@calcium.Tramadol for pain ,I'm so sorry for your pain and hives this is a allergy.

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