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Implantable neurostimulator for chronic pain

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I recently had a spinal neurostimulator implant that went wrong. One of the lead wires flipped to the posterior side of the spinal cord. The plan was to leave it in and just not turn use that lead. However it was turned on. I now have involuntary muscle movement in my leg muscles 24-7 with an incredible amount of pain. I know the nerves were overstimulated causing muscle issues. I had the neurostimulator removed with hopes it would resolve the problem but it did not. I think I was the first patient the doctor used this new device on and he did not have a clue what to do. I have been exposed to a large amount of electricity since the lead was used for over a week. I don’t know who to turn to for help. I am suffering, can’t go to work, can’t get help and will lose insurance soon if I can’t go back to work. Can someone help me please?

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Hi @goldielocks, and welcome to Connect. I moved you initial post into this thread about neurostimulators. I’m hoping that you’ll be able to talk with the members here, who are also going through a similar experience. @ladyjane85, @zjandre and @pamperthyself – thanks for welcoming @goldielocks into this discussion.

I think this shows the problems with the stimulators. Of course, I do
not have the pain of a broken lead, but they never understood why I
felt the stimulation even after it was shut off, and to this day after
surgery for removal at least 7 months ago, it will still vibrate in my
body at times. They “never heard of this”. Your situation is terrible
and you have to find a dr. who can deal with this – and I hope you can
sue the manufacturer/and or dr. Wish some drs also read these
articles and can direct you where to go from here. To those of you out
there stimulators are supposed to tell your brain to concentrate on
the vibration instead of the pain. Huh – with high pain level it
cannot. Goldielocks, I do hope some dr can direct you to the right
place for your horrific situation. Why can’t the manufacturer own up
and find the relief…..My loving wishes that you are free of this

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