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Your willpower is impressive. Unfortunately, there are people suffering in silence. Chemotherapy and radiation are hard on the bones and joints. Chem is famous for causing bone loss. I wonder if you have been tested for osteoporosis. You site many possible sources of pain. I can't tell from your post if you had any hardware placed , but he MRI should tell a tale. If not you need a CT. You might benefit from a thorough exam at a university pain clinic. Is you doctor waiting for a single MRI of your neck? Because I suspect you need a cervical, thoracic and lumbar MRI. Your laminectomy may have created instability in the neck which can give rise to fresh osteophytes. Those sharp little encroachment on exiting nerves that can be removed (again). There are many palliative procedures that could bring back your quality of life.
One of the things I noticed in your description is that you don't describe the pain or specifically locate it in regard to movement. I suspect you never complain. There is likely a lot of help for you, but it will be a part time job to get it. You clearly have the strength. Best Luck

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Thank you so much for your reply and thoughts.
When I would have Chemo for an 8 hour day, mind you this was every other week for over a year and several months, I was given a terminal dx and that still looms over my head,, as I was NOT supposed to live much longer after the cancer was found in the colon. It is a very rare cancer.. Not colon cancer , lung cancer in the colon,. so many ignorant Drs.. do not believe that is possible and I should not be here., but I am and I keep finding these things I handle myself ,, I tell the Drs things I need... so my Dr . pushed me with the chemo until one day I just stopped... The chemo would go straight to my bones, mostly my legs and shoulders, I would have 3 heating pads going at the same time.. cocktails of pain and nerve meds that really didn;t help much,.. I just did what I had to do and knew by the end of the week I would have a day or 2 of feeling better only to do it all over again... Over the years since I stopped I have had many more surgeries, each one taking a toll ,. so many scans, cts, petscans, Mri's so much radiation,.,, I did have cervical surgery in 2020 I think,, 3 level disk replacement,, I started there before the back as all these Drs wanted to put poles and cages etc in my spine,, surgeries would be 10 hours with a 6 month re coup time. I cant take that kind of time anymore , as I said I run 2 full time businesses with no back up.. I let my other businesses go when I first got the cancer ,I am not going down that road again,. My lower back is excruciating.. Mostly on the right side.., the sciatica at times becomes so bad I grab my legs and stretch and massage... When I had the laminectomy he also put some nuts and bolts in me so I really do not know what is going on right now.. s=hence the new MRI.. I am waiting to have... Only one open MRI in this city so I wait,, I also am waiting on a CT of the Abdominal wall as they suspect I have a flank or lumbar hernia that goes around my waist to the spine.. I am very tall and thin, so when all of a sudden I develop this bulge on my waist and it goes around to the back .. Which is very large and prominent.. and apparently happens with people who have had lumbar surgery,, I can press the center and feel it in the middle of my abdomen.. I also have several hernias , painful ones in my abdomen that happens when the mesh that was put in to keep my intestines together after colon surgery comes apart it causes the hernia. I have already one replaced and it was horrific.. I am not sure if this Abdominal one is an extension of the others?? I am my own advocate and sadly I find my own issues and tell the Drs what I need.. medical is not good with the exception of a few good surgeons I have.. My pain is everywhere, my wrists, fingers, shoulders, the neck now is at night and I still wear the brace , but during the day I am ok.. NOT OK with the spine... I have to squat as much as I can rather than bend so I think one of my knees is on its way out... I thought perhaps I surely had rheumatoid Arthritis Dr took test ..NO , I did have orders for a bone density scan I forgot about .. last time years ago it was pre osteoporosis.. Yet i asked my Dr about the bone shots to prevent bone damage I recall my Mother getting at my age and went way over her head... I felt a lot better going through chemo than I do 8 years or so later... It is a full time full time job having to keep up with Drs, and scans and I get injections every where.,. as well my feet,, those out of now where developed issues.. and my teeth that I spent a lot of money on with veneers and now I have to have gum surgery , and I have lost otherwise healthy teeth...thanks chemo..., no one tells us this will happen,.. Not that it would have made a difference.. My Dr pushed me through the chemo to kill the cancer. i am considered a "miracle" in the fact that I am still here.. I still look good and take care of myself in that respect , but it is a shell.. and I tell Drs please do not judge me by how I look.. LISTEN to me...
To further my stress and lack of time to address myself..... My mother became ill almost 2 years ago... her care, even though my Dad is still here with her, and I have two brothers one with a wife here... everything was dumped on me for her care ... It has literally sucked the life out of me.. I saved my mother. She is home now, she is healthy again and nothing wrong with her other than she is lazy. I have 0 tolerance for that, I know what I have done to live.. I expect her to do something, anything, try her hardest.. get out of that bed and walk.... it is what my dad wanted her back home and not in a home... I have now done my best to set boundaries.. I have never seen so much selfishness within a family and I do not know if they would all function without me,.. Now that they are elderly I can not run away like I wanted to for years,, i want better health care and a better quality of life. I want the life I used to have,. it is gone and I am having a very hard time dealing with it. Thank you for your help again,. have a blessed day 🙂