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Mayo Clinic Health Letter -- What's not to like!

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John - You have a great sense of humor as does the one who caught the typo! I hope you don’t mind if I might borrow your response sometime, or a version of it. As you and I both know, Peripheral Neuropathy doesn’t just affect our feet but our hands as well. I often give up on correcting typos and grammar that my spellcheck doesn’t catch or incorrectly changes. I have spent more time making corrections to a post than on my first draft of it. For the sake of time management, I have often deliberately abandoned attempts to correct some things hoping it slips by. But now when people have lighthearted fun (some of my typos have been hilarious), I would love to have a fun response like yours! As for the newsletter you mention in your post in this thread from 5 years ago, I’ll admit I’ve never heard about it! I’ve only been on here a few years and I’m not a Mayo patient, but I’m going to look for it and see if I can subscribe to it. As always, thanks for all the information sharing you provide for us!

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Hi Debbie! I'm a big believer in information reuse 🙃 so you are welcome to borrow a response anytime you want. The Mayo Clinic Health Letter is normally packed with interesting and helpful information. The link above must have changed so I will fix it. Here's where you can sign up for the Health Letter if you want - https://mcpress.mayoclinic.org/product/healthletter/. I currently receive the print and digital but may just go back to the digital version since it's a lot cheaper.