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Neuropathy | Last Active: Oct 5, 2023 | Replies (40)

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Hyperesthesia anyone? It has been worsening over the last few months. It is now severe, head to toe. it has become extreme at times. I cannot touch anything. I cannot touch my own hide. I cannot touch my feet to the floor. Until recently, I was wearing as much clothing as I could to try to insulate myself, but that doesn't work anymore. Now, I have to minimize my clothing because my hyperesthesia is too severe.

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Hi, I can’t remember if you are on seizure medications for your neuropathy? And antidepressants to calm your nerve sensitivity? Muscle relaxants - doesn’t sound like they would make sense, but they also calm down wayward nerves. What are you taking?

I’m like that off and on. Fabrics feel different on me. Weight of clothing affects me. My feet need socks at times and other times I feel like I need to rip off my socks as fast as I can, like my feet feel smothered. Legs start feeling so hot I have to roll pants up or take them off. Then it goes away until the next time. Now I’m having problems with weight on me when I go to bed. Wind up throwing spread off then sheet off then back on again etc. Don’t know if I have that problem but that’s how I feel. I just deal with it and try to get my mind off it. If you find something let me know. I feel for you having it all over all the time