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Neuropathy | Last Active: Oct 5, 2023 | Replies (40)

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Sent a message to Dr. 'A'. He told me to see Dr. 'B'. Saw Dr. 'B'. He told me to see Dr. 'A'. When I grow up I want to be a neurologist so I can make 250K a year telling my patients to see somebody else. Maybe a Pain (ITA) Clinic doctor who makes 350K a year to tell me to see somebody else. Don't know this guy 'Somebody Else'. My doctors are all telling me to go away, so maybe he's at this place called 'Away'. I think it might be out West somewhere. Maybe Nebraska?

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Hyperesthesia anyone? It has been worsening over the last few months. It is now severe, head to toe. it has become extreme at times. I cannot touch anything. I cannot touch my own hide. I cannot touch my feet to the floor. Until recently, I was wearing as much clothing as I could to try to insulate myself, but that doesn't work anymore. Now, I have to minimize my clothing because my hyperesthesia is too severe.