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pjw2: I had gleason 3+4. I had spaceoar to separate my rectum from the prostate. Decipher test from my Biopsy material showed my risk levels. I looked at all the areas listed below and decided on a specific type of photon radiation machine called the mridian linac from viewray (2 mm margins instead of 3-5 mm for other radiation types, auto shutoff and real time dynamic planning instead of fused images). I had 5 hypo fractional treatments. Proton was my second choice and many have been satisfied with that choice. Did not want removal of prostate and I understood radiation could be difficult later on if I wanted to remove my prostate because of biological re-occurrence later. I felt the risk of biological re-occurrence with prostate removal of 20-30% was not something I was comfortable with.

Your in the right place. Ask a lot of questions. Protect your healthy tissue as side affects are related to impact on healthy tissue. Take one day at a time. You will find your way.

Many doctors follow their guidelines, and it is there for doctors and patients
Takes a slice of the biopsy which helps evaluate aggressiveness and modes of treatments
MRI/Radiation machine combination unit
Proton therapy radiation machine
A doctor I looked into when I was considering prostate removal in Celebration Fl.
The Prostate Cancer Research Institute helps men and caregivers research their prostate cancer treatment options

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Thank you bens1...a theme I am learning is to research, consult, soak in the experiences of others and chart your own path. Very appreciative of all the comments and wish you the best.