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Does anyone take Pregabalin for pain relief and how is it?
I have Conns disease and although my bp is stable I have chronic pain in my upper back,lower back and tummy,this is agonising after eating anything.I have started to reduce meal size because of this.
I do try and get by with paracetamol regularly but it's not enough.However when I took pregabalin I was sleeping all day and had no quality of life whatsoever.I can sleep OK at night.
This is on a small dose too.
The pain is much worse after any activity such as taking a shower or any exercise.
I am at a loss to know what I can do, any suggestions gratefully received.

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Boy can I relate to your problem with sleepiness during the day. It was ruining my life. I have reduced my Cymbalta to 20 mg and this has eliminated much of my sleepiness but getting off it is very tricky. When I was on a larger dose, going one day without the med I get severe pain. So instead, I kept lowering the size of the dose and I can tolerate that. So my next step is occasionally dropping the dose entirely. What ever the result, getting off Lyrica is next. Should be fun😳. I have a SCS now and it has helped so much. I’m hoping that with the help of my Nevro techs, I’ll eventually get off all the meds. I’ve found that the key to success is to follow their instructions and actually wait 48 hours after EACH change of either the program or the intensity.