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Said they were waiting for kidney numbers to look better.

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Have they done a kidney biopsy? I was diagnosed with IGA vasculitis and I had blood & protein in my urine. They thought the IGA had damaged my kidneys. The biopsy showed I had IGA Nephropathy, a separate issue, so the vasculitis hadn’t damaged organs yet. My Rheumatologist said he’s only seen this twice. I was put on low dose Losartin which is for high blood pressure, which I don’t have. It blocks the protein from entering and damaging the kidneys. I was first given 20mg of pred. And it didn’t keep it under control. I was upped to 60mg, when I was weaning off to 5mg, my rash came back. They upped it to 20 & I’m down to 2.5mg now. See Rhem in 2 weeks and hoping he takes me off. I’m also taking 50mg Aziothiaprine daily. Prednisone is bad but I’m doing soo much better now that I’ve tapered down. Hang it there. It will get better!