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SI Joint problem

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I just joined but wanted to share. I have severe hEDS and have blown so many joints and discs up and down my spine all my life. The SI joint got so painful from repeated blowouts of the lower lumbar and upper sacrum joints that by 2 years ago nothing worked anymore (also age 65) by then including exercising and PT was more pain than help. I finally conceded to steroidal injection into the left SI joint. It was quite a painful procedure, I won’t sugarcoat it, other than a very mild sedative injection (that didn’t really work) I was wide awake and experienced every painful second of it. It took the better part of about 2 weeks before I felt relief, but finally it was as if about the last 10 years of pain was greatly reduced so much that I was able to do more in the roughly 4 to 5 months again than I ever thought I would again. I knew it might be doing my other deteriorating joints (knees, ankles etc) more harm than good, but I strapped on my knee braces I needed daily and found myself able to do more around the house, outside etc than I thought I’d ever do again. Or have. I had injections into both knees before I decided to try it on my back. While my back was better during those months I tried having a second injection into my knees hoping to buy myself some more relief. Unfortunately, the second injections into each knee didn’t work the second time which was a year or a little longer from the first shot. So, knowing that I rejected another SI injection figuring it likely wouldn’t work again since it failed in my knees a second time. However, I want to say it wasn’t completely in vain. I got back about a Spring and most of Summer I haven’t had before or since and I can say it seemed to help shrink up some of the nerve areas so that my SI isn’t as painful as pre-injection now 2 years later. Best wishes! 🙏🏻

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Thank you for sharing your experience with us and for your honesty about the pain of the SI injection. Glad that you gained some relief from your pain. It sounds like you’re dealing with a lot of issues, but still remain positive. Good luck.