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@dbeshears1 Well Debbie you do have some things to be concerned about and I can see why you may need to depend on your own gut feeling. Hopefully, you will get an answer soon. I have tried to look at my health care and the doctors I see as a partnership. If I am not confident that I'm getting the right health care, I will move on. I feel it is OK to change doctors, we need to have confidence in the ones giving us advice. About 8 years ago, I went to a new dermatologist and on my first visit, I told the new doc why I left the last one. I got that out of the way right up front. He said thanks, I'm glad you told me that. I still go to the same derm doctor. I have confidence in what he says. Wish you the best in getting answers.

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Ed - I can’t believe the angel of a Neurologist I was led to yesterday. He was absolutely the best I ever encountered on all facets of knowledge, mannerisms, and compassion. He is part of a large Neurological practice, not a regular hospital or a medical university hospital system. Since I am not a person to be cured or of special interest to those corporate groups, I wasn’t concerned about partnering with this doctor for my hammertoe surgery concern for a person with Neuropathy.
I left feeling absolutely refreshed in how he was engaged and how we got it done in 15 minutes while he did the routine reflex, strength, tingling and pin prick stuff. He very professionally acknowledged that he knew I had the medical university doctor but if I wanted to follow up with him again, that would be ok, especially if I felt I needed follow up or therapy arranged after surgery if I decide to do it. On the way out, the receptionist asked if I wanted to schedule again and if so, if I wanted 4 months or 6. I chose 6, knowing it’s the same time I have my medical university appointment.
I think it’s a no-brainer what I’ll do, the bonus is that this guy’s office is only 10 miles from me. If I get hospitalized for my PN, it will be because I fell or can no longer walk and in transition to convalescent care. I won’t see “my” doctor, nor could she help. I am not a research interest, her research and the courses she teaches are in ALS; this university hospital doesn’t have studies on PN right now. Not to mention the lack of compassion and awful rudeness of this other doctor. I normally would promote the medical university system- I absolutely revere the Cardiology group and will not leave! But I’ve accepted that there’s no mutual benefit of a PN relationship with them at this time.
I have 6 months to think the Neurologist choice as I’m separately contemplating the hammertoe surgery, but I have never felt so energized after my Neurology appointment yesterday, and it’s such a good feeling! As I “Keep Moving” today, I might just add an extra lb to my hand weights in this morning’s Tone & Balance class. Ed - I want to thank you for all you’ve done to help keep me motivated and focused on taking charge of my quality of life. I am so grateful. Deb