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Can you ice it afterwards?

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I am convinced that the success of the port installation (including any comfort or discomfort) has to do with the surgeon who places it. In my case, my breast surgeon also placed the port. It took about 45 minutes under twilight anesthesia, with no discomfort ever despite my having it in for almost 4 years (I was on Zometa for 3 years, every six months after the main treatment) so I kept it in. After the chemo was done though (the port had been in about 6 months), one of the chemo nurses (the ones that know best in my opinion) suggested keeping it in for a year "just in case." My oncologist used to say "what? did you forget to have it out?" That's how little it bothered me. It was my choice to keep it in as long as I did. So try not to worry -- it really is easier and chances are you will forget you have it in also.