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Changing doctors …

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I have had the problem with numerous Drs and I have concluded that Drs are too busy, they are taking on too many patients. Note how long it takes you to get into your Dr, even if your symptoms scream your need to be seen much sooner. I worked in the medical field for years [now retired] and, trust me, the medical field HAS CHANGED. And, I am not the only one experiencing problems with Drs being too busy, overwhelmed and not caring. It is like an epidemic. I don't even know where to turn anymore because changing Drs has brought me to my conclusion. Let me give you my most recent example. I had seen a Mayo neurologist for over a year [was referred to him] and I messaged him thru the portal regarding an increase he made in my Gabapentin [to very high levels] that I was unable to tolerate the increase because of my Dx'd involuntary neurological body movement. He messaged me back, "what body movement would that be"??!! Also, he ordered another CRP test on me and the level came back High, but I recalled that I had that result before and it was not indicated as High then, so I looked up all my CRP results and that was the lowest result I had ever had. So I messaged him thru the portal with the results and asked him if the reference range had changed for this test and explained why. He told me I would have to contact the Mayo rheumatologist that he had referred me to previously. The rheumatologist answered that I would have to contact the Dr who ordered the test. You understand my frustration? I contacted my neurologist to relay this experience and he referenced a Dx to me that he had NEVER even mentioned to me before, and one that I have had in the past, know the symptoms, and I did, and did not have that Dx at the time! It appears to me that this Dr is not even checking my medical record before he responds to me..........probably because he is too busy and overwhelmed, but I don't have much sympathy for him when he is dealing with my Dx's! A good example? I will tell you that I have changed Drs in various fields because of this and all I have gotten is the same thing. Very, very discouraging, and very, very depressing.

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I totally agree and I also was in the healthcare profession and I’ve been saying the same thing, I’m very disappointed in the medical profession lately.
Waiting 4 mos to get in for a follow up is ridiculous if you have an ongoing medical issue.
I thought it was just here in Florida,where we have a lot of seniors but I guess it’s all over.