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I had my port placed on the left, same side as my BC...not sure why. I will tell you that for me it was not a walk in the park. I didn't really know what to expect, my surgeon simply said it would be uncomfortable for a week or so. At this point that mediport has been the worst of it, painful after for quite a while and still 5 months later it causes me pain that I often wonder if I am having a heart attack. For that reason alone I wish it had been on the right side.
After only 3 rounds of chemo my tumor is completely gone! One more treatment & then I will have a partial mastectomy, I am requesting the port to be taken out ASAP! I will still need Herceptin and Pergeta for another 6 months but will opt for the SubQ ( shot) instead of the infusion via port. I'll also get radiation...

That's my mediport story. Best of luck to you as I am sure everybody handles stuff differently, prayers that your journey will be a smooth one.


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Lots of hugs to you. Hope ur surgery goes well and the journey of treatment will be over soon. I had my port removed once my chemo completed. I’m doing IV for Herceptin.