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SI Joint problem

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@detc In 1990 I sprained the ligaments in my right SI joint but it was never diagnosed as such. I had pain on & off for the next 25 years and no one, not a handful of ortho doctors nor a neurosurgeon came up with a diagnosis despite x-rays and MRIs. I had numerous steroid injections but they did nothing for my pain. The only thing that worked was traditional and computerized traction, but that often didn't work for long periods of time. My orthopedic surgeon had no answers but suggested I see a chiropractor he had a lot of faith in, but he warned me not to go for adjustments unless I was in pain because of stretching and micro tears in the ligaments. The 1st visit with that chiropractor was promising. She reduced my pain by 50%. The next adjustment totally relieved my pain. The 3rd visit she hurt me a bit but then she knew exactly my limits. I was pain free for 4+ months! Then it came back and she would adjust me and it lasted months. Slowly over the next 7 years the time between visits kept shrinking until an adjustment lasted only a few hours. The ligaments would no longer hold open/apart my SI joint. I started seeing a physiatrist (a type of orthopedic doctor) for other back problems including degenerative disc disease and a herniated disc. The physiatrist recommended an SI joint fusion. I put off that procedure for more than a year until I could no longer tolerate the pain without opioids. In August of 2022 I had that procedure done by the physiatrist. 100% relief!!! I would have gotten both sides fused but Medicare only allows one at a time. I planned to do the left side this past summer but the pain from the that side is still tolerable. My chiropractor adjusts that left side when it gets out of alignment. I play golf 2-3 times a week and sometimes practice in-between. I ALWAYS wear an SI belt when I play. I learned about the belts from a YouTube video done by a chiropractor. It helps to keep my left side stable despite my bad golf swing. I hope this information is helpful.

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It is helpful to hear about your experience. Thank you for taking time to provide your input. Happy to hear that you have found relief. We wish you the best.