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SI Joint problem

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Hi @detc, I'd like to invite @scruffy1, @cookierockwell, @sandyincharlotte, @sameerak, and @rjmtwit to this discussion as they have all discussed varying issues with their SI joints as well and have undergone different treatments as well.

@detc, if you are comfortable sharing, could you tell us a bit more about your husband's SI issue itself? Some members' issues came from arthritis, surgery, etc. If you are comfortable sharing a bit more, it may help members share their relatable experiences.

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Thank you. My husband is 83 years old. He had no prior hip issues. We were walking on the beach in May. The sand was hard, but slanted. After walking about a mile, his hip area became very painful. He could hardly walk back to the parking area, and had difficulty getting up the steps in our condo. The hip area was the only location of pain for about a month before he also had pain in his knee and down his shin. As I said, we walk about three miles a day. Sometimes he’s comfortable and sometimes he needs to cut the walk short due to discomfort that radiates to his knee and lower leg. There’s no pattern to good days vs bad days. The hip is painful whenever all of his weight is put on the affected leg, like when he’s putting his pants on or going up a step, leading with his right leg.

I have arthritis in my left arm SI joints that has been a pain for years. It getting worse as I get older. In May 2022 I had radio frequency ablation and it made big difference. It lasted a year. Unfortunately now Medicare doesn’t cover it. So now I’m increasing my stretching and going to try yoga. Also see a physical therapist.