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Neuropathy from lumbar stenosis?

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@jenniferhunter yes he said the incision in the back would be the size of a straw something really small and the bone block in the back he said is the size of a finger nail. Yes no hardware no cages no screws I had that discussion with him yesterday. I haven’t scheduled yet I wanted to but I’m also scared of it lol he also suggested I should do the level below but I’m not sure

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@robson78 Here are a few things to think about. What levels are these? What condition is the level below looking like? Did he give you a prediction of how long it would be for the lower level to get worse if you don't fuse it now? If he does 2 levels, would all of that be without hardware? Did he explain how much motion you loose by fusing these 2 levels as opposed to only one? I have C5/C6 fused and it isn't very different than before fused because that doesn't restrict head turning.

I understand the fear part, but you know a lot about this already since you've had a disc replacement. You'll need patience for the recovery and it will be worth it. After 3 months in a neck brace, muscles are weak and will tire out and you'll need some rehab therapy. I was fearful too and learned how to conquer it. What concerns you the most?