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Hi, fourj (@fourj)

"Told them my symptoms, I guess they didn't think it was that serious. I knew it was."

That can be so damn frustrating. As patients, we're forever faced with choosing just the right words when speaking to our doctors: say too much, they may think you're exaggerating or gleaning exotic symptoms from Dr. Google; say too little, their minds may wander or think your symptoms are not all that serious. How to capture a doctor's attention? That is the challenge.

Years ago, I was in a play called Cold Storage. I played the younger of two patients who met every afternoon on the hospital sundeck. The older patient, who'd been in and out of hospitals for years, advised my character: "Make it sound interesting! When you tell a doctor what's bothering you, always make it sound interesting!" Those words have come back to haunt me in recent years. 😀

Ray (@ray666)

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Wowsa.....Ray, you've got this all figured out. You are spot on.

After 10 months of suffering and getting my degree from the University of Google taught by Professor Google, I actually think I would be comfortable in surgery. We know that you have to be careful using medical terms that doctors haven't brushed up on recently. Drs don't like that. I found out the hard way. Just sayin.