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I have had two total knee replacements. The first (left) was in November 2022 and the second (right) was this past February. It has been a long haul getting over the pain and swelling and discomfort of my new knees BUT they are slowly progressing and getting better. The first surgery was uneventful but from the moment I woke up in recovery for the second replacement my right foot has been greatly effected. I have had more swelling in my right leg but that is getting better. As for my foot, I don't have any pain per se but it feels like I am walking on a sponge with my right foot. It has never been totally better but at times it is not as bad, but then it will get worse, feeling like it is swollen when it does not appear to be. The best I can describe it is it feels like I am walking on a sponge. I have tried gabepentin to no avail. Nothing seems to help. I am only seven months post surgery so I am hoping it will get better with time. My surgeon says the right foot issue must be coming from my back but it started immediately upon waking up in recovery from my knee replacement. I do have some degeneration in my back but no back pain. It must derive from the knee surgery somehow.

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My left foot problem was also immediately right after tkr. Drs all said give it time. Now it's like a little panic because my one year tkr anniversary is coming up. After one they apparently can't do much for you. Told them my symptoms, I guess they didn't think it was that serious. I knew it was.

I am 75 and 15 months post left TKR. Although the TKR is considered a success, my left foot hurt immediately after surgery and has continued to be problematic. Main foot discomfort was on the outside and on top of foot. PT said it would get better with time. It got better but still hurt. Then after I began walking a mile or so daily, I got a high grade tear in the plantar fascia 5 months post op. This has been a slow recovery, including weekly PT, but is finally getting significantly better. Outside and top of my foot still hurts if I do too much (like walking a mile and going to exercise class the same day). Surgeon says this has nothing to do with the TKR. DUH!! I am positive the mechanics of my foot changed from the surgery and has caused all of these issues. All I can hope is that over more time, my body will adjust to my new foot mechanics and pain will be gone. 🤞🏻