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Bladder Cancer Story

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I was first diagnosed with low grade non invasive bladder cancer in April 2011. After BCG and repeated cystoscopes I was clear for 5 years. Then in April of 2023 it came back with a vengeance. That’s when the urologist referred me to an oncologist. It was both aggressive and invasive. It had invaded the muscle. After several treatments of Gemzar and Cisplatin, I had a radical cystectomy 3 weeks ago. They removed my bladder, uterus, ovaries, pelvic lymph nodes, and the lining to the vagina. Not fun. Pathology showed no residual cancer cells and I am now 100% cancer free!!

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Finally another woman who has gone through what I have….
I had symptoms similar to a bladder infection-UTI-three years ago. Went through the testing, but nothing was found.
Last year I had the same symptoms-burning. frequency, blood in my urine; this time I was diagnosed with high grade invasive (through the muscle wall) bladder cancer.
I was seeing a local urologist, but couldn’t get in to one who could do the procedure I needed done which was similar to yours. So a year ago September, I went to the Mayo clinic.
I had my ovaries, tubes, all pelvic nodes and bladder removed. They also took 18 inches of ileum to fashion a new bladder, a neo bladder.
I had just about every complication:
Massive infection,
Intestinal blockage,
Blockage from the kidney through the ureter, and now
Lymphedema in one leg.
The new bladder functions more like a funnel than a Reservoir. And I live with terrible incontinence. -12 pads a day.
I go back every three months for a check up.
No return of the cancer has been found so far.
But I was wondering if any other woman has the same issues as I. Someone who can share how they get through the days…