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Bladder Cancer Story

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Hi @mediumride, we were diagnosed at the same time. I am a 54yo female that was dx 11.15.21. I have hi grade non bladder invasive papillary cancer. I've had approximately 21 or 22 treatments to date and it seems that my tolerance to the BCG (tuberculosis) treatments gets less and less. I can remember the first 6+ treatments were a breeze. I remember thinking what is the big deal, this doesn't hurt HA!
I go on the 20th for my cystoscopy and am not looking forward to it. My husband is driving me and this time I asked my doctor to prescribe me something to help me relax. I'm praying all is good, but sure have been having lots of symptoms. We shall see.
You hang in there. We are all very strong people to be going through all of this.
This group definitely helps me knowing I am not alone. It feels good to know I can come here and there are people going through the exact same thing who understand. Stay strong friends and keep on fighting the good fight every moment.

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I agree it's good to able to share the experiences here. Thanks for the reply. Good Luck on your next Cystoscopy.
I will say I haven't looked forward to a single one of them yet.