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Susceptibility to Stress and Depression

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Congratulations to both of you for attempting to turn a bad situation into something positive. I have been at this challenge for over 3 years. Like you, both, I have good days that are so encouraging and then, bad that are depressing. One day of activity and fun really picks me up, so I schedule things even though it doesn't always work out. I try to stay active but my shortness of breath and accompanying symptoms often prevent me from full participation and/or I crash afterwards. I, too, have emotional ups and downs that affect my husband and family. They have been super supporters, though. I know I have depressive symptoms but try to think them away. Journaling daily has been a life-saver. Structure and staying in touch with others is my strategy, too. I'm going through yet another set of tests with a new Neurologist. All the results so far are normal, except elevated B6. One more test this week - Tilt Table Test. I know better than to hope for a quick cure. Appreciate both of your thoughts.

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I just wanted to give you pre-warning on the "tilt table test" which I wish someone provided me.

I merely thought it was a table that would tilt up/down monitoring my heart rate - not the case! They attach these many probs to your leg to test the amount of sweat disbursed, or something of that nature, and when they turn them on it's absolutely brutal! I was unprepared for this, and doctor never told me about it.

The tech said, "you will feel a slight burning sensation when I turned them on." For me, it was absolutely brutal and it last about 8 min and feels like 8 hours! When I was done, I had to be taken out in a wheelchair. I WISH I NEVER DID THE TEST.

In an effort to change topic on the test, I'm hoping others can chime in and let us know what anti-depressants they are taking to help. I've been suffering now for 3 very long years and been down the path of practicing relaxing, yoga, tai chi, etc., all to no avail. Because of the EXTREME stress and what Covid does to our nervous system, I'm down to 90 lbs. Normal weight is 127 lbs. And this includes eating every hour to include high calorie protein shakes, etc.