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Anyone here dealing with peripheral neuropathy?

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Hi John,
I do have pain from my foot and my hand that is non-stop. I feel pinching, stabbing, burning, “frostbite”, and numbness that causes a deep cramp to ride up my leg and arm. I’m ramping up my dose of gabapentin but it has not helped a lot yet. I’m currently at 900mg a day. My anesthetic creme still works ok on my foot, but I still have trouble sleeping because it is not as effective on my hand.
Thanks for the additional information on your management of neuropathy. I’ll be sure to go through it.

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@ahendershot, @johnbishop, Good morning to you and I would like to add my welcome. I recognize the place where you are now residing. And I hear you wondering, "what's next". I just have a couple of questions. Are you taking all 900 mg of gabapentin at night? I have found that a 900 mg dosage taken at 8:30 pm or no later than 9:30 pm will help with the tingling in the hands during the night. You might even get a couple of pretty painless hours in the morning….enough to do morning chores.

For the needles in your hands (also known as pin cushions)….have you tried any other topicals? I experimented with essential oils…e.g. copaiba and deep blue together, and a prescription lidocaine cream with other pain reducing additives. Both options served to take the edge off and lingered for an hour or so. My real solution came in the form of Papa & Barkley 3:1 CBD/THC Releaf Balm if you can find it where you live. My life partner also uses it on his 72-year-old knee and ankle that have suffered a bit with this year's heavy snow. Please let me know how I might be helpful. And may you have a pain free day or even an hour. Chris